Planning a successful corporate golf day!

An excellent golf day vs an average golf day might mean the difference between keeping and losing your customers. Golf is considered one of the most important tools in Corporate Entertaining and any organisation should view its Corporate Golf Day as a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with their guests. After all, Where else can you have an informal 4-5 hour meeting with your client or prospects?

Here are our 8 Top Tips for Hosting a Successful Corporate Golf Day:

1. Great Planning

Start early – the earlier you start, the better your chances of securing your preferred venue on your chosen date. Popular golf courses get booked up early and companies often host their golf day on the same day each year. It is never too early to start thinking about your next golf day. 

2. Choosing a venue

Choosing the right venue is always very important, we believe that the course should always match your company. For example, if your company offers a high-quality service or product, a high-end club will be more fitting. However its always good to keep in mind that it is unlikely all your key guests will be competent golfers. It is important to strike a balance between a prestigious golf course that golfers will find hard to refuse, with a golf course that gives all players an equal chance of enjoying their day.

3. Who are you inviting?

Once you have made the decision to invest in hosting a golf day, you want to make sure that your key clients and prospects can actually attend. Make sure that the invite is specific to them or key decision makers and not just anybody within the organisation. If they are not able to attend, it could be the perfect opportunity to invite them out another day for a more private day;

4. When to host your golf day?

Do your research first and try to avoid clashing with key industry events, school holidays or even major sporting occasions. When and where do your competitors hold their golf day?

5. Amazing goody bags

it’s always important to have great goody bags that can be given to your guest on arrival. Try to send a little more on giving high-quality brand shirt from brands like Pume embroidered with your company logo that you guest will continue to use into the future a fantastic way of free advertising.  

6. Non-golfers

Some of your key clients might not be golfers, however, there are plenty of options available to include them in such a day. Consider organising a golf clinic, spa treatments or outdoor activities to encourage their attendance.

7- On course activations

it’s always important to integrate some fun on course activations they are always enjoyable to have and work well with the less serious golfers talking about your golf day. GolfGuys offer some very unique activations from a giant catapult to guess your distance flightscope

8 – WOW! Factor!

What impact will the presence of a European Tour Golf Professional or a Trick Show specialist at your golf day have on your guests? We can arrange for European Tour Professional Sean Farrell to help with coaching and analysis during your day. Likewise, the highly entertaining Mike Scholz will show you incredible tricks with a golf ball guaranteed to amaze golfers and non-golfers alike.

8. Great Prizes!

Spend a little extra money on prizes that you would be very happy to win will always get the participants a little more excited to play. it can also work very well to promote the day to get a few extra players.


Other important factors to consider include:

  • The budget for the day? 
  • How many people to invite?
  • On-course refreshments 
  • Insurance against any Hole in One prize you might be offering


Ultimately, you want to make sure that your golf day is a memorable one for all the right reasons and the one your guests most look forward to receiving an invitation to next year – more so than your competitors. By following our Top Tips, you will go a long way toward achieving this goal.

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