Pick the right on course entertainment at your next golf event!

Picking the right on course entertainment at your golf event can really mean the difference between your event being talked about or just that standard golf day that blends in with all the rest. bellow we have listed a few different ideas that might suit your golf day.  

Craft beer bar

The craft beer bar is perfect for those clients that like to drink. It offers you the ability to have ice cold draft beers on the course. Nothing much better than a cold beer on a hot day playing golf.


The Flightscope is aimed at those clients that like a little technology at their event. The Flighscope is set up on a tee it then tracks each player drive projecting the player’s ball flight and distance on the screen. The data is then collected and either the longest drive or the player that guess the distance of his shot wins.

Hole-in-one Prize

A great way to attract clients to play in your golf day. How the hole-in-one prize works: a par 3 is insured against a hole-in-one if an amateur gets a hole in one the amateur will receive R100,000 very simple but great way to market your event to the public and create some hype.

Giant Catapult

This is aimed at your clients that like to have a bit of fun on the course its a giant catapult that can shoot a golf ball 150 meters. The catapult is set up on a par 3, the players then shoot the ball at the hole. It’s pretty accurate we have had a total of 7 hole-in-ones since we started using it.

Dunk tank

Fun Fun Fun the dunk tank is a large tank filled with water someone is suspended on a seat above the water the aim is to hit a target that will result in the person being dropped into the water. it’s great for clients that like so active entertainment on the course.

Swing Analysis

For the keen clients that have keen golfers that are interested in getting some advice about their swing. A video of each swing is taken and then replayed to the player in the clubhouse the pro will then advise on what can be improved with his swing. It’s a fantastic way to get people talking about your event.  

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